Congruence Coaching

Congruence Coaching is based on a simple Universal principle that says…

‘When all aspects of the self are aligned with the desired outcome, the individual will experience the desired outcome.’

To better understand how Congruence Coaching works we need to be conscious of the following 5 aspects or layers of the human being.

  1. The Physical Body
  2. The Intellectual Body
  3. The Emotional Body
  4. The Energetic Body
  5. The Bliss Body

When the first 4 Bodies are aligned with the Bliss Body we can make our grandest dreams, goals and desires come true.

If we want to create our desired life and become the greatest version of ourselves then we need to put in the effort and do the self-work.

Congruence Coaching will help you…

  • See which aspect of you is holding you back; what’s not serving you higher self
  • Become more conscious, more aware, more spiritual
  • Use tools, techniques, exercises, meditations, yoga and healing to start changing
  • Gain clarity, insight and direction
  • Find courage and renewed faith

To take the first step send an email to or call Tamar on 0833077011