Reflexology, Reiki, Intuitive Healing


A firm yet gentle foot massage that induces deep states of relaxation, releasing resistance and helping the body find balance. The style of Reflexology Tamar does feels amazing and helps unblock energy channels in the body so the body can release, cleanse, clear, heal and purify negativity and restore wellness, vitality, Life Force and Light Force.

Feet are a blue print of the emotional, intellectual and physical body. Discoloration, shapes, marks, texture and areas of congestion pinpoint blockages, imbalance, illness or problematic areas. This information helps Tamar see what needs healing and how it needs to be healed.


Is an ancient art of “laying on of hands” in order to heal. This healing modality works mainly with the power and nurture of human touch. It removes blockages and restores balance to the 7 ‘Energy Centers’ or  Chakras in the body. The Chakras form part of the energetic body and are integrated into our entire being. They hold stored memories, data and information that when unblocked and in flow, cleansed and energized; allow the body’s potential for self healing to be increased.

Intuitive Healing

Tamar is able to ‘sense’ blockages or issues that need attending to. She can ‘sense’ what’s holding you back and what needs to be done to facilitate clearing, cleansing and healing.

Tamar has therapy rooms in Rivonia and Craighall and will do house calls on special request. 

To book an appointment or for more info email or call Tamar on 0833077011