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Your Powerful Life

The opportunity to change our destiny lies hidden in challenging situations and challenging people.

When we learn to restrict our reactive system and respond pro-actively to negative experiences we can connect to the blessings hidden within.

Your Powerful Life is a 3 Step Consciousness Training Program created to facilitate personal transformation.

  1. Step 1 – Listen to the Insights or read the Transcripts.
  2. Step 2 – Do the Powerful Life Exercises for each lesson
  3. Step 3 – Practice the Meditation

YPL will help you understand why bad things happen and empower you to change your life for the better.

For more information or to get going

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The 7 Practices of Play Yoga

Parents and Teachers… you can share ‘Mindful Movement’ with kids ages 3-9 in just 10 minutes a day.

This PLAY YOGA program can be done at home or in the classroom and no previous yoga experience.

Sign up today and get 12 weeks of guided breathing exercises, good exercise, positive speech, gratitude, stress relief and meditations.

PLAY YOGA is good for grown up kids and little ones

The benefits are…

  • Reduces stress and teaches how to self calm
  • Strengthens core and improves concentration
  • Improves immunity, restores balance
  • Improves resilience, spontaneity and creativity
  • Balances energy levels and improves sleep
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Creates a magical connection between yourself, your child and the natural world.
To purchase the 12 week program for R995 email or call Tamar on 0833077011

Testimonials from happy clients who now play yoga…

  • The weekly course was awesome, I loved the worksheets. Thank you for putting such beautiful work together!!!
  • These are so special Tamar, I absolutely love them.
  • Thank u for the incredible program. My kids love it and so does mom  
  • The Program is great. It encouraged my daughter to chat about things bothering her at school.