Congruence Coaching

Your job is to become the greatest version of yourself.
This can be really challenging.
You cannot do this work on your own.
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I can help you find your true purpose.
Turn worry to wonder, anxiety to alive.
I can help you see why bad things happen so you can move forward and find your own true freedom.
I can help you turn scared to safe, sadness to happy and stuck to soaring.
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It’s getting urgent.
It’s time to turn procrastination to pro activeness and chaos to higher consciousness
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Coaching with Tamar includes face to face time or virtual meetings, powerful self work, Reiki,  Reflexology and possibly include various workshops required to clear, cleanse, heal and align.
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If you want to know what’s holding you back then BOOK NOW for a FREE 10min phone consult or BOOK NOW for an appointment.
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Practice Rooms in Centurion and Rivonia
Virtual Consultations or Other Quiet Venues for Face to Face