Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is Within Our Reach


When all aspects of the self are aligned and our relationship with the Creator is good, the body can heal.

To create alignment we need to do our Soul’s correction; we need to cleanse, clear and heal residual cellular  memory, overcome limiting thoughts, heal childhood trauma and create ideal conditions for the body to thrive.

It is very difficult to do this kind of work alone. We need the help of coaches, healers, therapists, intuitives and doctors to get us on track and shift the stuff that’s weighing us down.

Tamar is an energetic and intuitive healer with over 25 years experience.

To help her clients turn chaos to consciousness and struggle to strength she uses Congruence Coaching, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga, Your Powerful Life and Meditation.


To make sense of our challenges, to connect to the blessings and tap into the power to make miracles, we need to become spiritual.

Being spiritual means desiring a fulfilling and wonderful life.


The world is changing so quickly now that if we choose not to do the self-work;the Universe will most likely push us into more challenging situations.

The self-work required is journey you should start now. The length of time required to experience significant change depends on the individual.



Tamar has therapy rooms in Rivonia and Craighall and sometimes does house calls.

To Book a Treatment or find out more please email or call Tamar on 0833077011.