The Month of Cancer 25th June – 23rd July 2017

When we say, ‘connecting to the Light or receiving more Light’ it means gaining more clarity, direction and insight. It also means attracting more opportunities, more prosperity and connecting with more blessings. The Light is also all our positive characteristics and the gifts, talents and strengths G-d gave us.

One of the most spectacular aspects of our Soul’s purpose is to bring to this world Light and blessings that have not been here before.

During the months of Cancer we will be given incredible opportunities to reveal this Light. This Light can only be born out of darkness; so we are going to have to work for it. We are going to have to face our challenges and change how we react to challenges especially if we feel hard done by, angered, humiliated, judged, sorry for ourselves, unfairly treated and let down.

There is no spiritual ozone layer in Cancer so people will seem more snappy, quick to lose it, easily angered or judgmental. In this month it will be easy to ‘push someones buttons’ and it will feel as if we are being tested. So with this in mind; we will need to watch how we respond; watch that are our thoughts, words and behaviors are pro-active and congruent with our desires for success and fulfillment.

During this month we should be using our gifts and talents to elevate ourselves, each other and the world. We cannot be passive during this time or sit idle, or just think and talk. We have to do! We have to put in huge effort, stretch outside our comfort zones and work with what the Creator gave us.

The more we work on ourselves, our business, our relationships; the more we stretch, the more action we take to remove fear and help others, the more Light we reveal.

When it’s easy for us to this work, we reveal a small amount of Light, however, when its hard;  like if we are sick or tired, or feel like we can’t or shouldn’t, or we’re too busy, that’s when we we reveal the most Light; that’s when we get the most clarity, direction, insight, blessings, vitality and prosperity.

The Light that is born out of darkness or challenge is the unique Light that each one us can bring to the world.

This month we should be also be working on developing a ‘Good Eye”.

We often look at people and see what’s negative, we look for what’s wrong instead of looking for the good.

What we look at makes us who we are. If we look for the negative we diminish our own Light, we limit the amount of Light we can receive. However when we focus on the good, we open ourselves to blessings and Light.

it’s weird and wonderful that just before we are about to receive a blessing or transform an aspect of ourselves; we are tested. We are presented with a person or a situation where we can look for negative traits where we can most likely be able to justify our findings as well. However if we see the negative we disconnect from the blessing.

If we see the positive; if we look with a ‘good eye’ we will connect to the blessing.

This month we will need to work extra hard at controlling our thoughts, words and actions so they are congruent with growth, transformation and G-dliness.

Wishing you all a wonderful month full of Light


The Month of Aquarius (28 January – 26 February)

In the month of Aquarius we have the opportunity to gain clarity.
If there are specific areas in our life where there is confusion and doubt we can use the energy available to us this month to help us see clearer.
We all have a desire to change.
We all have some desire to change a certain area or aspect of our lives and we are often confused about what to do, when and how to do it?
We don’t know if we should or shouldn’t, is it the best decision or not, will we cope, wont we cope, do we, don’t we?
This confusion and doubt is created by us, in our lives, as a result of our negative actions, intentions, desires and words; which create disconnect between us and the light.
We come into this world with great potential.
We have access to wisdom, knowledge and consciousness.
But through our our selfish desires we muddy these waters.
Every time we react badly, blame, justify, anger, use evil speech we muddy the waters.
It is evident when we need to make important decisions in our life but find it difficult because we are not sure; why this, why that, why me, is this good or bad, right or wrong? We just don’t have clarity.
Potentially we have access to all the wisdom and clarity we need but through actions of the desire to receive for the self alone we muddy the waters; our connection to the light becomes unclear. We become unable to make clear conscious decisions as we can’t see clearly.
Through selfish desires and actions we create confusion and doubt in our lives.
There is a story told from ancient writings about an Angel who asks the Creator; ‘What special gift are you preparing for this month that you will send to Earth?’
And the Creator explains that in this month, the month of Aquarius, he is preparing a bucket of water so he can pour upon us ‘pure waters.’
In the month of Aquarius the Creator showers us with the gift of clarity and of consciousness
If we need assistance in any areas of our lives where we feel in the dark, lost, confused and we need the help of the great Light; this is the time to meditate on it.
The gift of this month is the showering down of the light of consciousness.
The analogy of pouring down purified water is giving us the ability to see clearly.
The Creator wants us to have a clear connection and a clear conscience.
So in this month, use the energy that is available to help gain clarity.
Meditate on the Light of the Creator pouring down on you like purified water helping to clear away any doubt and confusion and bring about clarity.
We should also strive to become more conscious of our desires, words, actions and intentions; to practice restriction or self discipline and become kinder, more compassionate and sharing human beings.
Its almost impossible to do it alone.
We need assistance of various tools to help us grow and change.
Meditating on the pouring of pure water and our permanent connection to the Source of Everything will help.
Hope the month of Aquarius brings blessings of clarity and insight for you.
Love Always

Why Did We Choose Our Parents?

We choose our parents before we are born and we choose the ideal set of circumstances for us to do become the greatest version of ourselves.

With this in mind; have you ever wondered, ‘What on earth was I thinking?’

Well we weren’t thinking on earth. This foresight and cosmic intention took place in the upper realms and here’s some insight as to why…

We now know that we are spiritual beings and for each lifetime we are here we occupy a physical body in a physical environment.

As  a spiritual being we have been around since the beginning of time and we have lived many lifetimes before this one. As a result we carry with us, in our energy body, all our past growth and transformation which serves us greatly.

We also carry all our uncleared, unforgiving thoughts and feelings, all our past negative actions, words and intentions that have not been repented for. These don’t serve us at all and need to be corrected.

So one thing we do before we are born is we look for the best place and the best people with whom we can do our correction. This often involves Souls with whom we have shared lifetimes with before.

Besides our correction, we have another agenda…

Each one of us has a Soul purpose; a purpose that we come to earth to experience. These are usually some aspect of the Light. It could be creativity, parenting, forgiveness, love, compassion, acceptance, contentedness, communication, joy and so on.

We can only bring these qualities of Light to the world when there is an absence of them.

So if we have chosen to be the part of the Light that is self love and acceptance, then we will choose a lifetime that is fraught with rejection. Or if we chose to be communication we may have been born into a family where were told to be seen and not heard. Or if you chose to bring power to the world then you may have chosen relationships where you power is taken away by abusive parents or partners.

The people who challenge us the most are our teachers and messengers.

Our job is to recognize them and shift from being a victim to taking responsibility and changing our circumstances.

I hope this sheds some light on why you could have possibly chosen the circumstances you did.

Be blessed

Love Always



The Domino Effect of Uncleared Hurts

Our Energetic Body is real and it affects our relationships.

Everything that has impacted us in this lifetime and before has had an effect on our Energy Body.

So, how are your relationships with money, with your partner, with your kids?

What kind  of relationship do you have with your parents, with your self and with the Light?

Lets take a deeper look at our Energetic system (or Chakras) as they flow through our lives…

The base chakra or energy centre in our perineum area is affected by our unmet needs, disappointments, traumas, fears and hurts from childhood. As children, we all had some issue at home or school with a parent, caregiver, sibling or teacher. If we harbor any resentment, blame or pain then energetically it blocks or causes imbalance in this energy centre. When the base chakra is out of balance or blocked we feel (on some level) unsafe, insecure, and unsure of ourselves.

When we feel unsafe or insecure and we are faced with a challenging situation, we often react negatively. If we feel our safety is threatened, we may lash out, get angry, blame and then justify this bad behavior because of how feel. Our inability to respond well to challenges and setbacks affects the next energy centre, the sacral chakra at the base of our spine. When this energy centre is blocked or imbalanced it affects our creativity and problem solving skills. It also affects our relationships with money. Blockages here cause addictions, problems with appetites and healthy desires.

Now here’s where we start to see the connection and flow…

Usually a short time after we react badly to a situation, we feel some kind of remorse. There is a part of us that feels bad about how we behaved and we don’t feel so good about ourselves. We wish we could have handled it better. When this happens we feel dis-empowered, and our self worth and self esteem takes a dive. This negatively affects the solar plexus, the energy centre just below our diaphragm. We render ourselves powerless and feel like we can’t take the necessary ACTION to change things. When we blame we cut ourselves off from our Creator Nature (more about this in

Feeling dis-empowered, feeling sad, angry, disappointed or not good enough are very real feelings that play havoc with heart centre. It really is okay to experience all of our emotions, but we can’t hold onto them. Any negative emotions or feelings block the flow into and out of our heart centre, the centre of love. If our hearts are closed we cannot openly give and receive love. Imagine a life with love. It’s sad and then we start to feel sorry for ourselves and the problem gets worse.

The heart centre is the gateway to the upper three chakras; the energy centres where the magic comes from, where the Source of our ability to create miracles comes from..

More about the upper 3 energy centres in my next blog…



Our Words Are Like Water

Before our birth into this physical world, we resided in an endless world where we understood how the Universe works.

When we are born into this physical world we forgot everything and we learned how to speak, think and act from our primary care givers.

We learned how to react to challenges, we learned of our abilities and limitations and what we learned became and created our little worlds.

As we got bigger and grew; life started to happen. Some ups, some downs, some smooth sailing and some very rough seas.

When we are sailing in rough seas; that’s when we are being tested, that’s when we are being blessed to change the negative to positive.

So here’s a question… have you ever heard yourself saying something exactly like one of your parents, and taken yourself by complete surprise?

Have you listened to the words that come out your mouth?

Have you heard the story you tell yourself and the world?

Our words are the most powerful tools we have for creating or destroying, building or breaking and we often use them without much thought.

Most of us speak and talk and talk and speak as if we had 2 mouths and 1 ear.

We speak unconsciously saying things and randomly using words without realizing the impact they have on our lives.

Let’s look for a moment at the life cycle of water and see how is water the same as words…

Water on the earth’s surface, evaporates and then condenses to form clouds. When the clouds get heavy enough precipitation occurs.

Like water, our words are continually evaporating and condensing. As we speak, sing, chant, shout, whisper; our words travel upward into the ether where they condense. When there is enough weight up there they rain down on us.

It’s that simple. Our words are creating our reality.

ABRACADABRA – As I speak I create.

If we want our lives to change we need to change our stories; the one we tell ourselves and the one we keep telling the world.

This is hard work. I know, I’ve done it, I do it every day. It takes huge practice to change an old story.

And then to be patient and have courage to continue the work and faith to know it’s working.

We can’t see the evaporation and condensation process while we go about our daily lives, but we can see and feel the rain, hail, sleet and snow.

Sometimes, in order to change our story, we have to go back to where we it started, childhood.

If you want your life to change you have to do the work.

It’s not rocket science; it’s essential.